Watermelon Slushie Shampoo20oz

More about our watermelon shampoo for kids20oz

Nothing says oh! so cool and extra fresh, like delicious watermelon! Helps to hydrate your tweens strands without any extra residue or added heaviness. Hair is left soft, touchable and smelling extra melon-licious!


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The Suave® Flavor Factory was created just for tweens with three goals in mind: 1) to clean hair, 2) to help tweens style their best looks, and 3) to please your nose with irresistible, and unique scent mashups. Hey there, Watermelon Slushie Shampoo! This shampoo was made for all hair types to replenish hair as it removes grease and oil. Watermelon Slushie Shampoo is the mashup of cool, crisp watermelon, bright green apricot and delicious ripe pear. Can you say, yaaaaas! For added moisture, pair with the Suave® Flavor Factory Tropical Fruit Smoothie Conditioner.

Apply. Lather. Rinse.

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