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Is Vaseline® Jelly Safe? Why Vaseline® Jelly is a Great and Versatile Choice

The original 'Wonder Jelly' – has many benefits for your skin, read on to find out exactly what these are.

For healthy looking, beautiful skin, you surely need a dermatologist tested and recommended product that is time-tested, 100% pure, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and does not clog pores. This is precisely what makes Vaseline® Jelly so great.

Vaseline® Jelly is triple-purified and is safe to add to your daily routine. Whatever your skin type may be, Vaseline® Jelly helps skin to stay healthy-looking and moisturized. So, if you’ve ever asked, “Is Vaseline® Jelly safe to use on skin?” the answer is yes. In fact, Vaseline® Jelly is even recognized by the National Eczema Association as suitable for eczema sufferers.

Read on to learn what Vaseline® Jelly is good for, including why it is a great choice for your every day cosmetic skin care needs.

  1. What Are the Benefits of Vaseline® Jelly?
    With its pure, non-irritating formula, not only is Vaseline® Jelly safe to use, it’s also really good for your skin. Vaseline® Jelly is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. Instead, it works to help protect your skin. So whether you have combination, dry, or even oily skin, Vaseline® Jelly is perfect for hydrating and protecting the skin. Take a look at the checklist below to find out the benefits of Vaseline® Jelly and what it can be commonly used to help:

    Dry, flaky skin – Vaseline® Jelly works by creating a protective barrier on skin to lock in natural moisture and help dry skin heal itself from within. So if you have dry skin during the cold, winter months, using Vaseline® Jelly in conjunction with your moisturizer soothes and protects dry patches.

    Dry lips – Have you ever wondered – “Is Vaseline® Jelly good for your lips?” Well, Vaseline® Jelly makes for a fantastic lip balm by creating a barrier that seals in moisture, helping to heal dry, chapped lips. Our specially formulated Lip Therapy® products contain all the benefits of our pure Vaseline® Jelly and come in a pocket sized jar so you can keep your lips moisturized even when on the go.

    Dry hands – If you suffer with dry patches on your hands, brittle nails, or even dry, cracked cuticles – Vaseline® Jelly can help make you feel comfortable again. A great tip is this overnight treatment: coat your hands in petroleum jelly before bed, and then cover with a pair of cotton gloves and let the petroleum jelly get to work helping to heal dry skin. This overnight treatment can also be used for dry, cracked heels, just cover your feet with socks after applying Vaseline® Jelly to the heel.

    Fine lines – Vaseline® Jelly seals in moisture helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dry, flaky skin over time, and helping to keep your skin radiant. Due to the unique triple-purification process it goes through, Vaseline® Jelly shouldn’t irritate the delicate areas of your face such as the skin underneath your eyes. In fact, when used in conjunction with a good skincare regime, Vaseline® Jelly can help to rejuvenate visibly dry and tired looking skin.

    Minor cuts or burns – It’s worth keeping a jar of Vaseline® Jelly in your first aid kit – it can be used to soothe and protect minor cuts, burns, and scrapes. Vaseline® Jelly has been a first aid kit essential since the First World War when U.S. soldiers and medical officers would use it to treat minor cuts and bruises, and to ease minor sunburn.

    Diaper rash – a hypoallergenic product, Vaseline® Jelly helps prevent and sooth diaper rash by providing a continuous gentle film on your baby’s skin to keep out wetness.

    So why is the original ‘Wonder Jelly’ good for your skin? With its triple-purified formula, it’s designed to give you smooth, hydrated, and healthier-looking skin – every day.

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