Equitable SkinCare for All

We believe all people should have equal access to care – for their wellbeing and their lives. 

For the last 150 years, Vaseline® has been committed to helping heal skin everywhere, but this goal can’t be achieved if part of the Vaseline® community doesn’t have access to equal care due to systemic racism. We know that systemic racism and healthcare inequities negatively impact Black and Latinx communities, leading to worse health outcomes for people of color and skincare is no exception. 

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring equity in skincare for Black and Brown skin. To do this, we are helping advance training for dermatologists and medical practitioners to accurately treat skin of color, connecting people to culturally competent dermatologists, and providing access to resources and education about the importance of accurately treating and diagnosing skin.

Here’s more on how we’re helping.

Training Medical Workers on Skin of Color

Nearly half of dermatologists say they were not adequately trained to treat skin of color, while only 3% of practicing dermatologists identified as Black and 4.2% identified as Latinx. That’s why Vaseline® is taking action to improve skin healthcare for people with Black and Brown skin. Through our partnerships with Medscape and Direct Relief, we’re working to train dermatologists and medical practitioners to better treat, diagnose, and care for skin of color, ultimately helping improve the health outcomes for Black and Latinx communities.

Connect Patients & Doctors with Skin of Color

In partnership with Hued, Vaseline® introduces a new Dermatologist finder tool that allows people of color to identify and connect with dermatologists of color and those experienced in treating skin of color. The online platform will also offer educational resources that provide expert recommendations on how to treat and monitor skin at home, understanding when to seek a dermatologist for proper care and how to best prepare for an appointment with the right questions and what to expect.

Make Healthcare Accessible to All Since 2015

Over the past 5 years, Vaseline® has worked with Direct Relief to support a network of health centers and clinics that provide affordable, comprehensive and culturally competent services to those who need it most through the Vaseline® Healing Project. Click here for more details to find a clinic near you that provides access to affordable health care.

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Amplify Knowledge of Healthcare Inequities

The disproportionate impact that COVID-19 has had on Black and Latinx communities has highlighted inequities in healthcare that lead to worse health outcomes for people of color. We’ve partnered with Regina King, award-winning actress, director and respected advocate for people of color, to amplify this message, bring awareness to this issue and champion this change.

Since March 2020, Vaseline® has donated $1.6 million in products and monetary donations to community health centers across the country, in an effort to protect and care for medical staff and patients in Black and Latinx communities.

Regina King

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Support Organizations Fighting Racial Inequities

We understand that systemic racism is the root cause for these negative health outcomes . The racial bias and institutional inequity people of color face must be addressed in order for these outcomes to improve. We donated $100,000 to organizations, including Your Rights Camp, to fight racial injustice and help end discrimination, but there’s more work to be done.

Visit these resources to learn more about how you can support organizations working toward racial equity: