Crow’s Feet

Just apply some around your eyes before you snooze. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and dry, flaky skin overtime.


Apply some on your pulse points before applying perfume and your perfume will last longer. Easy peasy!

eye shadow base

Make your eye shadow look more radiant by applying some Vaseline Jelly onto your eyelids.

eyebrow gel

Tames unruly hair and keeps your eyebrows on fleek!


Apply some on the high points of your face to create that highlight that's on point!


By applying Vaseline Jelly onto your lashes, they will naturally be fuller.

glossy boost

Mix your favourite matte lipstick with Vaseline Jelly on the back of your hand, then apply it to your lips to give that glossy boost.

comfy bra straps

Uncomfortable transparent bra straps? Vaseline Jelly can help make them more comfy.

body scrubs

Mix Vaseline Jelly with sea saltto make your own body scrub.A perfect addition to a steamy shower, giving you smooth skin!

prevent dry skin

Vaseline Jelly can help prevent your skin from drying when you're drying your hair.

Healthy scalp

Condition your scalp pre-shampooing. Massage a little amount of Vaseline Jelly onto your scalp area to promote a healthier scalp.

Nail polish bottle opener

Makes it easier to open nail polish bottles.

Richer eyeshadow

Blend Vaseline Jelly with eye shadow powder to create richer texture and radiant colour!

Eyelash glue remover

Use it as an eyelash glue remover by dabbing Vaseline Jelly gently on your lashes to unstick the glue.

Lasting blush

Mix Vaseline Jelly with lipstick to create a lasting blush.

Make-up remover

Use Vaseline Jelly as a make-up remover!

Cuticle protector

Rub Vaseline Jelly on your cuticles to keep them from breaking.

Hair polish

To get polished hair for ponytails!

Lip scrub

Make your own lip scrub by mixing Vaseline Jelly with sugar. Rub them gently onto your lips to keep them soft and smooth.

Lip balm

Mix Vaseline Jelly with melted chocolate to create your own flavoured lip balm.

Perfect manicure

Apply Vaseline Jelly to your cuticles before polishing your nails to keep colour off the skin around your nails. It's a perfect manicure!

Hair dye stain preventer

Before colouring your hair at home, apply Vaseline Jelly all around your hairline to keep the dye from getting on your skin.

Manicure shine

Shines fading manicure!

Perfect tan

Apply Vaseline Jelly on your wrists, ankles, elbows and knees to keep the tanner from collecting in dry patches and developing streaks.

Hair mask

Use Vaseline Jelly as a hair mask after salon treatments.

Prevent lipstick on teeth

Tip for Beauty Pageants! Spread a little Vaseline Jelly over your teeth to prevent lipstick from coming onto your teeth.


protect baby’s skin

Apply Vaseline Jelly to protect your baby's sensitive skin.

prevent diaper rash

Apply Vaseline Jelly on your baby's rash-prone areas before putting a fresh diaper to prevent rashes.

no more shampoo tears

Rub Vaseline on baby’s brows to stop shampoo from running down into the eyes.

prevent drool rash

Apply Vaseline Jelly on your baby's cheeks to prevent drool rashes.


Vaseline Jelly helps to moisturise baby's dry, chapped lips.


Apply Vaseline Jelly at the stomach area to help ease pregnancy itch.

pregnancy skin

Apply Vaseline Jelly on your skin and lips to ease itchiness during your pregnancy.



Dab Vaseline Jelly onto leather shoes and gently rub it in to buff them up for a quick shine.

Restore Old Leather Bags

Apply a coat of Vaseline Jelly to the leather, massage it in, remove any excess and you're good to go!

restore old leather jackets

Bring your old leather jacket back to life by rubbing a little Vaseline Jelly to the leather.

prevent paint splatters

Instead of tape, you can apply Vaseline Jelly to prevent paint splatters when you're painting your house.

restore leather car seats

Rub Vaseline Jelly on your leather car seats to restore back its leather!

protect stored chrome

Before storing your bike away or any other sports gears, rub a little Vaseline Jelly to keep them from rusting.

clean tough messes

Vaseline Jelly can help remove oil, sap wax and lipstick stains from clothes.

brand new accessories

If you want to make your accessories look brand new, just rub some Vaseline Jelly on them!

keep ants away

Apply Vaseline Jelly around the base of the pet bowl and the ants won't be able to reach the kibble, so your pet can eat in peace.

prevent sticking car doors

Rub Vaseline Jelly around rubber seal to help prevent sticking. You can also do this with fridges or freezer seals.

Clean watermarks

Apply Vaseline Jelly to clean watermarks from wood.

Fix sticking drawers & windows

Apply Vaseline Jelly to sticking drawers and windows to help them slide smoothly.

Prevent lightbulbs from sticking

Apply Vaseline Jelly to the thread of the new bulb the next time you swap it out. It will make the bulb much easier to remove next time.

Remove candle wax

Apply Vaseline Jelly around the edges of the wax and let it sink in for a while, then wipe away with a cloth.

Remove gum from any surface

Apply Vaseline Jelly to the gum until it starts to disintegrate, and you’ll be able to remove the gum easily.

Glide shower curtains

If your shower curtain hooks get stuck on the rod, apply Vaseline Jelly to the top of the rod and the hooks will glide easily!

Silence squeaky hinges

Apply Vaseline Jelly to squeaky hinges to help it glide silently.

Prevent battery corrosion

Disconnect your car battery terminals, give them a clean with a wire brush, reconnect and smear with Vaseline Jelly to create a barrier from the elements and stave of corrosion.

Clean belt buckles

Clean your belt buckles by applying Vaseline Jelly!

Smoothen door locks

Apply some Vaseline Jelly over your key and it should slide into the lock easily.

Fix a stuck zipper

If you want to get zippers unstuck, just apply some Vaseline Jelly.

Repair minor scratches on wood

To repair minor scratches on wooden surfaces, just apply some Vaseline Jelly.

Open jars with caps

It helps to open jars with a cap that gets stuck easily.

Get rid of ants

Keep ants from entering your glass of water by dabbing Vaseline Jelly around the base of your glass.

Moisturise cracked paw pads

Rub Vaseline Jelly to moisturize cracked paws of your furry friends!

Protect inner terrarium walls

Coat the inner walls of terrarium to prevent animals from crawling out and escaping.

Keep turtle shells clean

Vaseline Jelly helps inhibit fungal growth on aquatic turtle shells.

Silence a squeaky faucet

Remove the handles and stem of a squeaky faucet and coat both sides of threads with Vaseline Jelly. Reassemble the faucet, and the handles should move silently!

Wood finishing

Vaseline Jelly is best used to give a finish to close-grained timbers like teak and rosewood. It fills the grain and build up a surface resistant to marking.


Soften hands

Apply to make your hands soft.

Skin moisturiser

Vaseline Jelly helps moisture severe dry skin.

Soften cracked

Rub some Vaseline Jelly to soften your dry and cracked elbows.

Preventdry knees

Dab some Vaseline Jelly on your knees to prevent dry, ashy look.

Ease irritated
sensitive skin

Vaseline Jelly helps ease irritated sensitive skin.

Ease itchiness

Rub a little Vaseline Jelly on your skin to help ease the itchiness and redness from rashes.

Prevent waspsting itchiness

Just rub some Vaseline Jelly on wasps' stings to stop the itchiness.

Soothe mosquito

Vaseline Jelly helps to soothe mosquito bites.


Vaseline Jelly is also a sunburn home remedy! It helps soothe the pain and itching.

Skin chafing preventer

Apply Vaseline Jelly before running to prevent your skin from chafing.

Relieve poison ivy rash

If you've been exposed to poison ivy, just rub some Vaseline Jelly on your skin. It helps soothe the lesions.

Relieve stings

Vaseline Jelly helps relieve stinging feeling from any insect bites.

Soothe skin irritation

If you're going through skin irritation caused by allergies, just apply some Vaseline Jelly to soothe the itchiness.

Easy earring insertion

Lubricates ear lobes and helps make earrings insertion easy and painless.

Prevent razor itch

Use Vaseline Jelly to soothe skin after shaving.

Dry lips moisturiser

Vaseline moisturises dry, chapped lips.

Treat smelly feet

Just smear a layer over your feet and toes, then let it sit for about 15 minutes and wipe it off with dry cloth.

Restore & protect tattoos

Just rub some Vaseline Jelly on your skin to restore and protect your tattoos.

Smoothen Mustache for divers

For divers with a mustache, apply Vaseline Jelly on your mustache to help your scuba mask seal better.

Retain body heat

Vaseline Jelly helps you to keep warm during swimming.

Shampoo eye shield

Guard eyes from shampoo by applying a streak of Vaseline Jelly over the eyebrows.

Shoe rub

Apply some Vaseline Jelly on the shoehorn to make your foot slide in more easily.

Prevent scars

Help prevent scars from forming.

Restore minor wounds

Apply Vaseline Jelly to minor cuts, scabs and scrapes to help them heal faster while keeping dirt and germs from getting into the wounds.

Mustache wax

Use Vaseline Jelly as wax to smooth mustache flyaway strands.

Style beard

Use to make your beard easier to style.

Cosmetic treatment

Helps skin to recuperate after cosmetic surgery.

Combat dryness

Apply Vaseline Jelly all over before taking flights to combat associated dryness.

Protect sore nose

A runny nose often gets red and chapped. Dab a bit of Vaseline Jelly around your nostrils to moisturise and stop sores from spreading.

Soothe minor burns

Vaseline Jelly can help soothe minor burns, but don't apply it on fresh ones!

Feet moisturiser

Just soak your feet in warm water and towel dry thoroughly. Apply Vaseline Jelly and wear clean socks overnight.

Hide split ends

Dab Vaseline Jelly to any rogue split ends and keep them under wraps until your next trim.

Reduce dry skin

Vaseline Jelly helps reduce dry skin between your toes.

Prevent wind chapping

Apply Vaseline Jelly on your thighs to prevent wind chapping.

Moisturise blisters

Apply Vaseline Jelly to moisturise blisters so they dry quicker.

Prevent shoe blisters

Apply Vaseline Jelly on the inside heel of the shoes or where your feet is rubbing against and you are guaranteed no blisters!

Soothe wounds faster

Vaseline Jelly helps to soothe shallow abrasions faster.

Massage oil

Vaseline Jelly is good for massages!

Remove a stuck ring

Rub a little Vaseline Jelly and your ring will slip right off!

Soften calluses

Vaseline Jelly helps soften calluses.

Keep face warm

Use to keep your face warm in cold weather.

Burn more fat during a workout

Vaseline acts as a heat trap by holding heat created during a workout. As a result, you sweat more from the extra heat trapped within your body.

Soothe itchy scalp

Massage Vaseline Jelly onto your scalp to reduce itching and scaling from dandruff.

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The Vaseline® Healing Project in partnership with Direct Relief provides dermatological care, Vaseline® Jelly & medical supplies to help repair the skin of people affected by poverty or emergencies around the world.