What Is Petroleum Jelly?

Dry skin? Not sure what to use on your eczema-prone skin? Embarrassed to expose those dry heels in summer sandals?

Don’t worry, we have the solution. Our petroleum jelly products are specially developed to tackle different kinds of skin problems. This will help you sort out your specific skin problem. Read on to learn more about petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly started as “rod wax”, a by-product of the oil-refining process. Don’t be alarmed by where it all started: Vaseline has come a long way since then!
But how is petroleum jelly made?

American chemist Robert Chesebrough discovered that rod wax had healing properties. He refined it through various distilling and purification processes to eventually produce what we know today as petroleum jelly.

Using the thinner oil products from the rod wax after distillation and filtration, young Chesebrough purified it even further. This resulted in a colourless and odourless gel which he patented.

In 1870 he started producing this gel under the name Vaseline. The name Vaseline derives from the German word for water (wasser) and the Greek word for olive oil (elaion).

How Long Does Petroleum Jelly Last?

When stored properly, (below room temperature and out of direct sunlight) Vaseline petroleum jelly can last for at least 2 years. But we are sure that you will use it up long before then! Look through the website to find out some things besides skin care that Vaseline is ideal for.

Petroleum Jelly For Skin

Petroleum jelly is safe to use on all skin types and is suitable for use on sensitive skin. Vaseline offers a range of skin-care products to suit different needs:

  • Helps to relieve dry skin. Use petroleum jelly for dry skin to soften and prevent loss of moisture in your skin. It gives the skin a chance to repair itself.
  • Use as a daily moisturiser. Mixing petroleum jelly with a moisturising cream works incredibly well as a daily moisturiser especially for eczema-prone skin. It soothes dry and itchy skin.
  • Effective in treating dry lips. It soothes irritated and chapped lips by sealing in moisture. Tip: Combine with ordinary sugar for an awesome lip scrub before applying lipstick.
  • Solution for dry feet and cracked heels. Cracked, dry, flaky heels or feet? Before bed slather your heels or whole foot in Vaseline, put on some socks and wake up to softer feet. Works even better when applied after a bath or shower when the skin on your feet is soft.
  • Protect against nappy rash. Gently dab some petroleum jelly onto your clean and dry baby’s bum during nappy changes. Petroleum jelly is effective in soothing and helps prevent a nappy rash.
  • Prevent chafing. Thighs rubbing together when you walk or exercise? Rub petroleum jelly for skin on your inner thighs to protect against chafing. It helps to reduce friction. Also works well to soothe already chafed skin.

For more expert advice on how Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly products can help you to maintain healthy skin.

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