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Dry Skin 101: Dealing With Dry Skin From Stress

Dry skin stressing you out? Well, with dry skin symptoms like cracking, flaking and roughness, that would be enough to stress anyone out. The reality is, though, that life is full of stressful situations. It could be an important last-minute meeting you have to dash to during peak-hour traffic that brings on some stress, or an upcoming test you haven’t prepared for. It could even be nerves and stress that kick in when you’re preparing to meet the in-laws. Whatever the case, stress is unavoidable. But what does that mean for your skin when long-term stress can cause it to become dry?

So when you’re looking for ways to sort out your dry skin, starting by identifying the things that may be stressing you out is a great place to start to try and prevent and address dry skin caused by stress. To help you find the solution to stress-induced dry skin, we’re sharing 3 simple tips so that dry skin is something you don’t have to stress about.

The Cycle of Stress and Dry Skin

With all the demands of day-to-day living, encountering stress-inducing situations is inevitable because as we know, stress is a part of life. However, once you notice a shift, where once-in-a-while moments of stress evolve into an almost daily feeling, you’re in need of an intervention. This is because chronic stress can negatively impact skin by causing it to become dry.

Dealing with the side effects of dry skin can be difficult as it causes your skin to become rough, flaky and tight - giving you something to stress about. As you stress out about your dry skin symptoms, or anything really, this triggers the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol can cause skin to produce more oil, increasing the likelihood of you developing pimples or acne. Cortisol can also lead to moisture loss in the skin, causing it to become dry.

And as you try to navigate your dry skin symptoms, the roughness, flakiness and cracking can cause you to stress even more, which continues the cycle of stress and dry skin. So if you’ve been wondering, ‘can stress and anxiety cause dry skin?’, the answer is yes.

But have no fear because Vaseline is here with three top tips to help you deal with dry skin caused by stress.

Dealing with Stress-Induced Dry Skin

1. Use Vaseline

No matter the cause, when dealing with dry skin, there is only one solution that’s specially formulated to help heal and hydrate your skin - Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Vaseline not only helps to seal moisture into the skin - without clogging pores so you don’t have to worry about developing pimples or acne - but it also assists in creating an environment for skin to heal itself. So apply Vaseline to your skin to deeply moisturise it, so that dry skin is one less thing you have to stress about.

2. Consistency is Key

When you’re feeling stressed, staying on track with your skincare routine is likely to be one of the last things on your mind. Stress tends to cause us to forget or neglect our regular routines, which can spell disaster when it disrupts your daily skin care routine. So to help keep dry skin caused by stress at bay, don’t skimp on your skin care routine. Be consistent so that your skin gets the care it needs to remain soft, supple and moisturised, so that you don’t have to stress about breakouts and dry skin.

3. De-stress to Avoid Dry Skin

De-stressing is certainly easier said than done, but it’s worth it if you’re trying to avoid stress-induced dry skin. Whether it’s through yoga, meditating, exercise or something as simple as ensuring you get enough rest, do what you can to manage your stress so that you can avoid the dry skin effects of stress.

Avoiding stress to prevent a dry skin reaction is almost impossible. But cutting down your stress levels can be a reality so that Vaseline can do what it does best – care for your skin. With Vaseline, caring for stress-induced dry skin is made easy with its fine fragrance-free, triple purified and dermatologically tested, hydrating formulation. When you regularly use Vaseline, soft, supple, moisturised skin is yours so you can say goodbye to stressing about dry skin, for good.

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