Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Rosy Mini 

Made with Vaseline® Jelly, it helps heal and prevent dry lips by locking in moisture. It provides long-lasting moisturization while adding a light rosy fragrance and color to your lips.


With a non-sticky formula and a rosy scent, Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Rosy Mini gives you softer, smoother, and healthier-looking lips with a sheer pink tint. 


  • Helps soothe and heal dry lips by locking in moisture, resulting in beautiful, visibly healthy lips.
  • Made with Vaseline® Jelly and designed to protect the skin on your lips, it provides the long-lasting moisturization your lips need.
  • Adds a sheer pink tint to your lips and leaves behind a light rosy fragrance.
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy formula, suitable for regular use.
  • Iconic Vaseline® packaging in mini size that fits in your pocket or purse, giving your lips protection and relief on the go.


Scoop some Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Rosy Mini and apply it to your lips. Repeat as necessary throughout the day.