Healing & Protecting Skin For Decades

Vaseline® knows that living life to the fullest means cuts, scrapes and other minor skin damages are inevitable. Trust Vaseline® Healing Jelly Original to help mend everyday skin mishaps and leave you with healthy-looking, restored skin.

Did you know, Vaseline's® Original Healing Jelly has been trusted by families around the globe for over 150 years? This triple-filtered petroleum jelly is proven to put moisture into lockdown, sealing hydration into your skin and helping to repair dry skin, minor scrapes, wounds and even burns. With powerful occlusive properties, Vaseline® strengthens the skin's barrier function, which is the key to optimum skin health. Use this 'wonder' jelly on minor cuts, scrapes and burns to accelerate healing, minimize dryness, decrease dry irritated skin and help reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines over time.

But wait. There are plenty more Healing Jelly formulations that offer all the dry skin care you’re looking for… plus a few extra benefits! Why not try Vaseline® Jelly Baby to help deal with diaper rashes? Or Jelly Cocoa Butter for visibly healthy and glowing skin from head-to-toe? The truth is, the healing properties of Vaseline® Healing Jelly are ideal for all the family and all the skin.