25 9 Simple Tips to Help Treat Dry Skin on Elbows

How to Choose the Best Hand Cream for Your Skin

Identify your skincare needs below. 

Whatever skincare concerns you’re looking to combat, there’s a Vaseline® cream or lotion that can help. Here’s a little help on how to choose the best hand cream for you.


Very Dry Skin 
Your hands are constantly exposed to the elements: cold, dry air in winter and additional sun exposure in the summer. This can cause the skin barriers to weaken and lead to discomfort or just an overall feeling of dryness. *If you’re looking for a lotion for dry hands, use a product that has glycerin in it.

Vaseline® Clinical Care™ Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Lotion contains our Barrier Repair Complex™ and provides clinical strength moisturization for your extra dry skin.


Sensitive Skin 
What’s a good hand lotion for sensitive skin?
Definitely go for a product that’s fragrance free. The compounds used to create those beautiful rose and lavender scents can have irritating effects.

Extremely Dy Skin Rescue is fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin.


Mature Skin 
Wrinkles and fine lines are the tell tale signs of aging, so we have one word for you: moisturize. In fact, your hands are one part of your body that can reveal your age more than others. The right hand cream for aging hands offers proper hydration to help skin cells. A sunscreen with a moisturizer is one of your best bets for future prevention.


Aging Skin Rescue

Dark Spots 
Caused by years of exposure to the sun, dark spots, also known as sun spots, can become more prominent with age. Are they unsightly? Maybe. Harmful? Not really, though you may want to watch for any changes in shape and size and consult your dermatologist as needed. The good news is, with the right product, they can fade.

Vaseline® Clinical Care™ Dark Spot Rescue Moisturizing Hand Cream delivers high levels of moisturization and contains Vitamin B3 to help reduce the appearance of dark spots in just 4 weeks.


Healthy Nails 
Just like the skin on your hands, your nails deserve a little TLC too. You’ll want a formula that strengthens nails and gives attention to your cuticles.


Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Lotion? 
Formulated to prevent nails from chipping, leaving cuticles feeling super soft. It’s not greasy either which means your silk blouses will thank you.

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