26 Dry or Dehydrated Skin Whats the Difference

Dry or Dehydrated Skin? What’s the Difference?

How to properpy treat dry and dehydrated skin.

  1. Dry Skin or Extremely Dry Skin: What’s the Difference?
    With changes in climate, you may experience changes in your skin’s appearance. As temperatures fall, so too do the levels of humidity. And with more use of indoor heating systems, skin is further depleted of moisture, leaving it feeling dry.

    The way to treat dry skin starts by first knowing the difference between dry skin and extremely dry skin. When skin gets to the point of itchiness and flakiness, it means its natural lipids have been depleted and in need of replenishment. This is called extremely dry skin, and it usually occurs when dry skin goes untreated.

    To soothe extremely dry skin and keep it hydrated at the same time, pure petroleum jelly, like Vaseline® Jelly, is very gentle on skin. And a good moisturizing lotion, like Vaseline® Advance Repair, helps to heal dry skin deep down and provides relief from itchy dryness. The glycerin and micro-droplets of petroleum jelly work together to lock in moisture and help repair the skin’s natural barriers. To restore moisturization and skin radiance, use Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Radiance Restore Healing Serum—formulated with pure cocoa butter and helps to leave skin feeling silky and smooth.

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