Don't Let Extremely Dry Skin Slow You Down

Very dry, irritated skin can be tough to deal with. Vaseline® understands this, and has used over a century's worth of expertise to create a range of intense moisturizers to strengthen the skin and tackle the symptoms of extreme dryness.

Vaseline® believes that managing very dry skin should never be a chore. That's why Vaseline® advanced moisturizers are rich... yet fast-absorbing. Blended with micro-droplets of Healing Jelly, each formulation helps seal in essential moisture to strengthen the skin barrier. This is vital if you want to help repair your important barrier function and reduce moisture loss from the skin's surface. Which, if you have very dry skin, is exactly what you want to do.




Taking steps towards less & better plastic

Our bottle is as important as what’s in it, and we pledge to continue the journey towards adopting more sustainable practices, especially when It comes to plastic use.