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Equitable skincare for all

Skin health is a right, not a privilege

Our skin is in constant contact with the world, and it’s essential to our wellbeing. That’s why we believe everyone, everywhere deserves healthy skin.

But unfortunately, healthcare has a problem

It’s not for all. Systemic racism and healthcare inequities negatively impact Black and Latinx communities, leading to worse health outcomes for people of color, and skincare is no exception. We want to change that.


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That’s why we’re on a mission to create 15 million more equitable skincare experiences by 2025. 

Broadening our reach with Direct Relief

Vaseline® continues providing access to care with Direct Relief, who has been an ongoing partner for over 6 years through The Vaseline® Healing Project. This partnership helps to support a network of nonprofit health centers and clinics that provide affordable and comprehensive services to those who need it most.

Skincare resources for all

Explore resources available for communities and healthcare professionals.

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Connect with a medical professional

In partnership with Hued, we created See My Skin, an educational resource providing people of color with solutions that reflect their skin and access to physicians who understand their skincare needs.

Find a Dermatologist & More Resources

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Access affordable clinics

We support a network of health centers and clinics across the globe to provide people in need with affordable, comprehensive and culturally competent services.

Find a Clinic

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Advanced training for healthcare professionals

We’ve partnered with Medscape and Direct Relief to make additional training available for dermatologists and medical practitioners around diagnosing and treating skin of color. If you’re a healthcare professional take advantage of this valuable, free training.

Access Trainings

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Helping our global community

As a part of The Vaseline® Healing Project, we partner with Direct Relief and facilitate healthcare worker training, patient education, and access to dermatological care. We also donate Vaseline® products, medical supplies, and relief kits to communities with acute need or impacted by natural disasters.

Learn More about global community


We worked with Hued and VisualDx to create See My Skin. The only online database designed to search for conditions on skin of color and connect people with the proper care they deserve.




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Every body, everywhere deserves healthy skin

The products we use every day are the same ones that our partners are using to help care for and protect the skin of refugees, survivors of natural disasters and communities without access to adequate healthcare.

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The Vaseline® Healing Project helps people in 86 countries access skin health care…

...but we’re not stopping there.

Each year, we help one million people access dermatological care and education, and we are on track to triple that. Our global goal is to help 3 million people per year by 2030. The Vaseline® Healing Project will keep working towards promoting skin health until it becomes a right, not a privilege--until every body, everywhere can have healthy skin.


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