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What is “slugging” and How to Add it to Your Facial Skincare Routine

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Slugging with Vaseline® Original Healing Jelly: All you need to know

Skincare routines are more than just a gateway to beautiful, healthy-looking skin: they arm you with a literal glow of confidence and self-belief, helping you achieve everything you put your mind to. So, what if we told you there was a way to strengthen the impact of the skincare regimen many swear by with just one extra step? Slugging with Vaseline® Original Healing Jelly may be the answer you’re looking for! 

Here is everything you need to know about what exactly slugging is in terms of skincare, and how to incorporate it into your weekly routine.

What is slugging?

A lesser-known beauty treatment involves putting snails on your face. As they move around, they leave a trail of mucus that treats the skin, giving it a refreshing glow. Now, the slugging we are talking about does not involve snails, but the basic idea is not far off. 

Slugging is the process of applying a thin layer of an occlusive agent, such as Vaseline® Original Healing Jelly, as the last step of your night-time skincare routine. This protective layer of petroleum jelly not only prevents the loss of moisture overnight, but also locks in all the other beauty products you have applied, helping the formulas sink deeper.

Slugging & skincare benefits

But hold on, can you put Vaseline® products on your face? The frequently asked question has a simple answer: Yes! Vaseline® products, including Vaseline® Original Healing Jelly, are absolutely safe for your skin.

The Vaseline® Jelly is non-comedogenic, which means it does not block or clog your pores. 

It has a thick texture that acts as a good barrier between your skin and external harmful elements without damaging the look or health of your skin. It locks the moisture in – so you can go ahead and add it as the final step in your skin routine!

So, are you ready to take your skincare game to the next level? Slugging with Vaseline® Original Healing Jelly is easy, and we show how below!

How to slug your face with Vaseline?

Perfect the slugging skincare process in 4 easy steps: 

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

Before you begin any skincare routine, it is very important to wash your face. Although slugging by itself does not make your skin acne-prone, unclean pores and make-up residue can result in acne or clogged pores. So, make sure your skin is super clean first!

Step 2: Follow your skincare routine 

The next step is to follow your skincare routine as it is. Use a moisturizing or hydrating product before slugging as Vaseline® Original Healing Jelly will lock this into your skin. 

Step 3: Apply Vaseline® Original Healing Jelly

And finally, apply an even layer of Vaseline® Original Healing Jelly on your face over your skincare products. If you are worried about ruining your pillow, use a towel over it to protect the pillowcase and sheets. Also, if you have long hair, fasten your hair back with a headband to keep it away from your skin. And that is all for the night – you are all set for the well-moisturized and hydrated skin that awaits you the next morning.

Step 4: Wake up to beautiful skin

Wake up and wash off the Vaseline® Jelly with a gentle cleanser the next morning. Voila – enjoy beautiful, healthy skin! 

Slugging isn’t a newly discovered phenomenon. It has been around for years. Just like Vaseline® has been aiding people around the world to moisturize the skin for years and across generations.

Give it a try and share your slugging before and after results on social media with the hashtag #sluggingwithvaseline.

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