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What Causes Chronically Dry Skin and How to Heal It

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Dry and irritated skin is painful, uncomfortable, and, yes, embarrassing. If you deal with this skin concern, you are probably self-conscious about what your wear and avoid exposing as much skin as possible. Well, it’s time to let your skin breathe and start wearing what you want because we’re going to share what causes dry skin and possible solutions.

The first thing we do when our skin feels dry is reach for a bottle of body lotion, and rightly so. Seeking a suitable body lotion formulation can make all the difference between being caught in a cycle of chronically dry skin and solving the issue at its core. Let’s start at the beginning by understanding the causes of dry skin and how we end up desperately late-night Googling “the best body lotion for chronically dry skin.”


The Causes of Dry Skin

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association(Open in new tab), there are a number of factors that lead to dry skin in the first place. During the winter, high heat settings in your house or office can lead to a lack of moisture in the skin, causing long-lasting dryness and dehydration. During the summer, low levels of humidity caused by air-conditioning can also cause dryness as your skin is zapped of whatever moisture it’s still holding. If this sounds like a year-round recipe for disaster, don’t panic, because we have a lead on a dependable solution.

While every season has the potential to disrupt the skin barrier, the protective wall in charge of keeping hydration in and ensuring external aggressors stay out, there are ways to repair the damage that has been done. Once the skin barrier has been disrupted, it can feel tough to break free of the dry skin cycle. However, it's possible to improve your skin texture by using hydrating products.  


Why Lipids in Skincare are Important for Dry Skin

In order to rebuild a compromised skin barrier, it’s important to consider what the skin barrier consists of to begin with. The skin barrier is made up of a wall of cells held together by lipids, a mix of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol. While these can be compromised through the seasons and as we age, they can be replenished.

It´s important to understand that there are two different types of skincare products enhanced with lipids; the first type is topical ceramides, the most common in skincare, but their reach is limited and stays on the skin's surface. The second type is Vaseline®'s proprietary technology Ultra-Hydrating Lipids, whose reach is much deeper than the skin surface allowing its molecules to touch the deep layers of the epidermis. If you struggle with dry skin, you want to use skincare lotions with Ultra-Hydrating Lipids that can reach the inner layers of the skin instead of staying on the surface of the skin barrier. Constant hydration and moisture, such as applying lotion every day is key to healing chronic dryness in the skin. 


The Role of Ultra-Hydrating Lipids in the Skin Barrier

Skincare technology has advanced to a degree where not all body lotions are created equally. While most promise to restore moisture and keep your skin barrier soft, smooth, and supported, many lack the ingredients necessary to follow through. Ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides are essential for lasting hydration, so keep an eye out for those on the ingredient list of any body lotion you consider.

If you have ever used a body lotion that feels as if it’s just sitting on the surface of your skin and delivering superficial hydration, you aren’t imagining things. Several moisturizing products work by creating a layer on the skin surface to stop the loss of moisture, which is all well and good while the product stays in place. But as soon as it’s gone, the dryness returns (sound familiar?).

Ultra-Hydrating Lipids is the latest Vaseline®’s skin care innovation; these super-charged molecules penetrate deeper into the skin to not only help retain moisture for longer but also fortify the skin barrier from within to gain plumper and more radiant and hydrated skin. 

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