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A Daily Skin Care Regimen Can Improve Quality Of Life

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Breaking News: A Daily Skin Care Regimen Can Make You More Comfortable In Your Skin & Improve Your Quality Of Life!

Are you suffering from dry, itchy skin? Want to be more comfortable in your skin and improve your quality of life? Then you need a solid skin care routine. From more comfortable skin to a more comfortable you—caring for yourself starts with caring for your skin. And turns out, it’s all about using deeply moisturizing products like Vaseline® Clinical Care every single day. 

Why You Need Vaseline® Clinical Care In Your Life

Chances are you’ve tried Vaseline® Jelly (aka “Wonder Jelly”) at some point. But if you’re dealing with extremely dry skin, aging skin, or dark spots and haven’t checked out Vaseline® Clinical Care it’s time. Why? Because it’s been shown to rescue hard-to-heal skin with moisture in just 5 days! But that’s not all. A leading university* recently conducted a study to find out if a daily skin care regimen with a moisturizer, like the ones found in Vaseline® Clinical Care, can affect the quality of your life and the results were great. (Spoiler alert: It can!)

How We Discovered The Surprising Benefits 

While most clinical studies only look at functional benefits of skin care products (ie. leaving skin moisturized, softer, and soothed), the one conducted on behalf of Vaseline dove into the emotional benefits too. And by emotional benefits, we mean how more comfortable skin can impact your quality of life, clothing choices, and more. Here’s how the study worked:

The 2-week study had the Vaseline group use a gentle cleanser, then Vaseline® Clinical Care Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Lotion 2x a day. The control group cleansed their skin as often but didn’t apply lotion. Everyone was asked to answer questions about how their skin felt and how that made them feel emotionally.

The results are great! If you have dry itchy skin, then a daily skin care routine, that includes a mild cleanser and a hard-working moisturizer, like Vaseline Clinical Care, can improve the quality of your skin and the quality of your life! 

What A Quality Skin Care Routine Can Do For You

For starters, it can leave your skin feeling more moisturized, less itchy, softer, and smoother (aka more comfortable!). This is great news if you have any of the skin concerns listed above. And if you do, Vaseline® Clinical Care is a great choice because it’s made with a unique blend of ingredients we call Barrier Restore Complex™. What’s in it? Glycerin to deliver moisture, Vaseline® Jelly to lock in moisture, and pro-lipids to stimulate cell renewal and function in the skin’s barrier. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the results from our study: 

  • 87% Felt Their Skin Was Moisturized
  • 82% Felt Their Skin Texture Was Improved
  • 77% Felt Their Irritated Skin Was Soothed

Improve Your Skin, Improve Your Quality Of Life!

So what does more comfortable skin have to do with a better quality of life? So much! And it’s all pretty obvious when you think about it. For instance, when your legs are smoother and more even textured, you’re more likely wear what you want. A quality skin care routine can help you address dry itchy skin before bed and make you feel more comfortable! And that’s exactly what the study found:

  • 95% felt an improvement on at least one quality of life attribute 
  • 64% felt more comfortable wearing what they want! 

Now you know that a good quality skin care regimen can make your skin feel more comfortable, and in turn improve the quality of your life. Just remember, the key is consistency, so make sure to apply Vaseline® Clinical Care daily!

*Study conducted by John’s Hopkins University and accepted for poster presentation at the World Congress of Dermatology, 2019.

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