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Just What is the Glass Skin Trend and How Achievable Is It?

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What started out as a mere blip on our beauty radar has now become a buzzword worth of the name. The glass skin trend has not only taken the social media world by storm, but it has also become synonymous with beauty itself, with everyone chasing this near-perfect skin finish – yet, just how do you get it?

The glass skin trend originated in the K-beauty scene, and refers to skin that is smooth and clear, with a luminous sheen that quite literally resembles glass. The level of dewiness unlocked with the glass skin trend is so unmatched, that many people opt to go makeup-free once it has been fully achieved. This might sound like a goal far out of reach, but we’re here to give you the low-down on how to get the glossiest, glassiest skin ever. 


Which Ingredients to Look Out For

As with any skin goals, it’s all about the right ingredients to get the job done. You want to combine active ingredients that work to reduce pigmentation and improve texture, while layering in ones that will hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin to boost that glow.

When seeking out products to help you achieve the glass skin trend, it’s important to know which ingredients to keep an eye out for. The benefits of a deep double cleanse to remove any impurities cannot be understated, but the ingredients you use to moisturize your skin after you cleanse are just as important.

Here is a detailed look at ingredients to watch out for and each of their skin-loving benefits:

o   Vitamin C – Hydrating, brightening, and full of collagen-boosting properties, vitamin C also help to reduce redness, limits the appearance of dark undereyes, and even prevents wrinkles.

o   Hyaluronic acid – This can’t-miss skincare ingredient helps your skin hold onto hydration for an overall plump effect. It can help decrease the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and offers the skin the chance to focus on cell production, leading to a more youthful appearance.

o   Niacinamide – Protection against external stressors? Sign us up! Niacinamide, also referred to as vitamin B3, protects the skin by creating a barrier that removes toxins and environmental nasties. This essential ingredient also reduces inflammation which can help those who are acne prone.

o   Shea butter – Another moisturizing hero, shea butter boosts skin’s moisture levels while also offering soothing benefits. This fantastic butter gives radiance to the skin naturally. Working double-duty, shea butter get an A+ for its glass skin contribution.  

Each of these ingredients serves a separate role in creating luminous, glowing, and radiant skin, and can work together cohesively to create that smooth skin finish. Now you know the ingredients, it’s down to how you use them. 


How to Get in On the Glass Skin Trend

The glass skin trend is a pretty easy sell, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want a glowing and luminous finish? Achieving this look is all about the products you use as much as it is about the techniques you use to apply them. 


Step 1: First Cleanse

The first step in an effective skincare routine is an expert-level cleansing process. By removing makeup, impurities and general debris that finds its way onto your skin, you set the stage for clean skin that’s ready to absorb hydrating and moisturizing products. First, begin with an initial cleanse using a cleansing balm, oil or micellar water to remove makeup and debris.


Step 2: Second Cleanse

After that, use a gentle cleanser as your second cleanse to really get into your pores and wash away trapped dirt and oils in your pores. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends using a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser with lukewarm water. Additionally, they recommend using your fingers to cleanse your face so as not to irritate your skin or deposit any more bacteria with a washcloth or sponge. 


Step 3: Dry & Tone

After you finish cleansing, make sure to rinse your face with more lukewarm water and gently pat dry. Avoid rubbing, tugging, or scraping against your skin with a washcloth or towel, as that will undoubtedly cause harm to the skin. Following up with a toner will help you remove any lingering traces of dirt or oil.


Step 4: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

Next up, apply a hydrating combo to your skin to boost moisture levels –go in for the serum-oil-moisturizer as your glass skin trifecta.

Start off with an ultra-quenching serum and let that seep into your skin to offer a boost of hydration. This is the ideal time to use ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid to brighten, hydrate, and reinforce the skin.

Next, use a natural skin oil to pack an extra punch of hydration and give skin a smooth finish. Finally, finish off with a heavy dose of an ultra-hydrating moisturizer to lock in those layers of moisture. During the day, be sure to add a layer of high-factor SPF (50+) to protect your skin against sun damage. 

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