The Vaseline® Healing Project

Healing skin around the world

An aid effort in partnership with Direct Relief

Everyone Everywhere Deserves Healthy, Healed Skin

The Vaseline® Healing Project is a global aid effort in partnership with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief.

Working with Direct Relief, The Vaseline® Healing Project provides dermatological care, Vaseline® Jelly and medical supplies needed to help heal the skin of people affected by poverty or emergencies around the world.

Our skin is the barrier between our bodies and the outside world, and the health of our skin is essential to our overall wellbeing. In tough circumstances, skin problems are common and can cause great discomfort, sometimes worsening to life-changing conditions if not addressed.

Our mission is to promote better skin health around the world, and to help heal the skin of 5 million people by 2020. We all deserve healthy, healed skin.

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About our partner: Direct Relief

Direct Relief is an international humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 U.S. states and over 70 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty, natural disasters, and other emergency situations. Direct Relief works with healthcare professionals and organizations on the ground and equips them with the essential medicines and supplies they need to help people recover.



Through our partnership with Direct Relief, The Vaseline Healing Project™ is striving to help heal the skin of millions of people. We hope to achieve this goal by:

  • Donating Vaseline® products and medical supplies to be distributed to Direct Relief’s existing global network of hundreds of clinics and hospitals in the U.S. and around the world, as well as placed into a variety of relief kits, such as midwife kits, emergency medical backpacks, and emergency hygiene supply kits for displaced families. 
  • Sponsoring dermatologists to go on medical missions to treat patients in resource-poor communities who lack access to medical interventions, or who are recovering from natural disasters and other emergencies. For many of the patients treated on missions, this will be the first time they have had the opportunity to receive dermatological care in their lives. Other doctors and specialists are also provided by The Vaseline Healing Project, and all treatment and prescriptions are provided to patients for free.
  • Developing and deploying training for community health workers to help expand knowledge for rural communities to correctly diagnose and treat skin conditions.

Through our partnership with Direct Relief, The Vaseline Healing Project™ has already helped people across the world – from bringing dermatological care to Syrian refugees in Jordan to treating thousands of people in Southern India with a variety of skin conditions that can obstruct their very way of life.

We have offered free training to nurses on diagnosing and treating skin conditions in resource-poor communities in South Africa, brought a team of dermatologists to provide free treatment for the citizens of Dallas, Texas, and provided care to hundreds of people in the Philippines recovering from the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan.

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