Our skin is an organ of the body that does much to regulate us, and give us overall comfort and well-being, night and day.

For us to feel content in our skin, it needs to be content itself – free from the dryness, roughness and soreness that it could be susceptible to.

But each of us has a skin-type that could be as unique as a snowflake, and many of us can suffer from a variety of skin conditions, allergies and sensitivities, every day. These range from chronic problems like eczema, to hormonal issues like acne, even uneven skin-tone.

But one of the most common is dry skin, and the itchy, flaky, uncomfortable look and feel that comes with it. Let’s talk about dry skin here, some of the causes, and some possible treatments.

How Vaseline Clinic Care Helps Different Types of Dry Skin

What is dry skin and the different types?

Dryness is the absence of moisture – that goes without saying.

So, skin that’s dry is suffering from a lack of moisture. Moisture lends it the qualities of plumpness, suppleness and smoothness – the vitality that keeps our skin looking great.

Dry skin is common, and significant enough to have a medical term: xerosis.

Mostly manifesting as itchy, cracking and flakiness, dry skin can come about in differing levels of severity – the most severe being dermatitis, of which there are a number of types:

Dry Skin Type 1: Contact dermatitis

Dryness and itchiness from a solution or material coming into contact with the skin – certain harsh soaps, cosmetics, even costume jewellery, for example.

Dry Skin Type 2: Eczema

Redness, dryness and flakiness, in the presence of itchiness and skin cracking, eczema can come about via irritants, harsh creams, perfumes and soaps, and even stress.

Dry Skin Type 3: Dandruff

Dry skin on the scalp that manifests when the skin reacts to a type of yeast commonly forming on the body.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin is part of the human condition. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Weather
  • Underlying health conditions, like diabetes
  • Career type – healthcare professionals, hairdressers and those working with their hands, tend to suffer from dry skin more

What is Vaseline Clinical Care?

There are a number of ways to treat the discomfort and inconvenience of chronic dry skin, these may include medications, dietary changes and topical creams.

For every other instance, Vaseline’s range of Clinical Care moisturising and skin repair products, is the solution.

Our skin rescue range provides immediate relief for dry, flaky skin – it’s developed with added petroleum jelly that reinforces the skin’s natural barrier, to protect and repair it.

Do you battle with chronically dry skin? Our Clinical Care range is the right choice – light and fast absorbing, for the prevention of dryness, and the treatment of skin discomfort.

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