A good skin care routine isn’t only for the ladies.

The gents, too, can suffer from the discomfort of various skin-type problems that can arise. And they can also enjoy the invigorating feel of skin that’s healthy and clear, while still maintaining a rugged, masculine look.

Vaseline® has developed a comprehensive range of men’s skin care products, specially formulated to nourish male skin, and lend to it a healthy, hydrated, and youthful look and feel.

What Kind Of Products Do Men Get At Vaseline?

Vaseline Men is a vast and varied range of skin care for the guys.

From moisturisers and cleansers to oil and spot control, we have everything for the discerning man who wants to take care of the skin he’s in.

Here are just a few:

Vaseline® Men Oil Control Moisturiser

The Vaseline Men Oil Control Moisturiser helps with the following:

  • Controls oily skin while providing much needed moisture.
  • Formulated with micro-droplets of our premier Vaseline Jelly, to lock in moisture for smooth, clear skin.
  • Goes on smoothly with a light, non-greasy finish.

Vaseline® Men Extra Hydration Body Lotion

The Vaseline Men Deep Cleanse Exfoliating Face Wash is:

  • A deep cleanse exfoliating face wash that clears pores and exfoliates dull skin cells.
  • Kind on the skin, so it’ perfect for everyday use.
  • Specially formulated for tougher, oilier skin that’s exposed to harmful elements like sunlight and changing temperatures.

Vaseline® Men Cooling Moisturising Body Lotion

The Vaseline® Men Extra Hydration Body Lotion has the following properties:

  • Extra hydration that instantly restores very dry skin for up to 72 hours.
  • Light and fast absorption with a non-greasy feel.
  • Calms and soothes very dry, irritated skin for a cool, smooth feel.

Vaseline® Men Cooling Moisturising Body Cream

The Vaseline® Men Cooling Moisturising Body Cream feels great on the skin and is:

  • A body cream developed for the thicker, oilier male skin, to nourish and soothe.
  • Formulated with a hint of menthol that leaves the skin feeling refreshed.
  • Light and fast absorption with a non-greasy feel.

These are just some of the premium Vaseline® Men products developed exclusively with the gents in mind. They’re formulated to be slightly stronger, on the tougher, oilier male skin, to give him the skin comfort and youthful look he seeks.

There’s something for every guy, with every male skin-type catered to, to control the various skin problems applicable to those types.

And all housed in masculine scents, so that he can smell great, while these Vaseline products work to repair and protect his skin.

View our full range of Vaseline® Men products to find the product that works for you.

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