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Dry skin lacks essential moisture that helps maintain a healthy barrier function. Vaseline's® lotions, moisturisers and lip balms are designed to moisturise and care for dryness, so you can enjoy healthier-looking skin 24/7.

At the very core of Vaseline® is one goal: healthy skin. And that means formulas that hydrate, nourish and heal dry skin no matter the level of dryness. The Vaseline® Intensive Care™ and Lip Therapy® ranges have been proven to help improve the look and feel of dry skin and dry lips. From lightweight lotions to rich hand creams and everyday lip balms, each product is infused with micro-droplets of triple-purified petroleum jelly to lock in moisture, accelerate healing and relieve the symptoms of dry skin. With the added guarantee of non-greasy formulations and skin-rejuvenating ingredients like vitamin E, cocoa butter and aloe vera, Vaseline® takes the hard work out of moisturising dry skin.



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