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Is Vaseline® Jelly Flammable?

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Vaseline® Jelly is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and safe for your skin.

The short answer is no – Vaseline® Jelly is not flammable. Below, we explain the facts about Vaseline® Jelly and fire safety, so you can be rest assured that the little blue jar of Vaseline® Jelly is safe to have in your home as long as it’s stored as directed on the label.

Myths about Vaseline® Jelly and Flammability

  •  Is Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly Flammable?®
    Many people mistakenly believe petroleum jelly to be a fire risk because petroleum itself can be a flammable material. However, in the way it’s designed to be used and stored, Vaseline® Jelly is not flammable.

    When heated to extremely high temperatures of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit, Vaseline® Jelly may give off flammable vapors. Even in summer, this isn’t going to happen naturally. So leaving a jar of Vaseline® Jelly out in the sun, or inside your car on a hot day isn’t a hazard.

  • Storing Vaseline®
    If you’re wondering about the best way to store Vaseline® Jelly, here’s what you need to know. Although Vaseline® Jelly isn’t flammable in its everyday state, it’s still a good idea to store it in a cool place. Under normal circumstances, if Vaseline® Jelly becomes too hot, it will melt. We recommend storing Vaseline® Jelly in a dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators to keep its ideal form. This way, when you apply it to dry areas like the hands or elbows you can simply rub it in and get on with your day.

    So if you’re worried about whether Vaseline Jelly is flammable, you don’t need to be. Vaseline® Jelly is a safe cosmetic product and is actually beneficial to have in your home, helping you to care for dry skin, chapped lips, and minor cuts. Find out about the many other beauty and skin care uses of Vaseline® Jelly

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