Whether you've got dry, oily, or combination skin, your skin will benefit from using a moisturiser. Moisturisers leave your skin feeling hydrated and looking youthful.

The type of moisturiser to use is determined by your skin type and the time of year. During colder weather, we recommend thicker moisturisers, like Vaseline® Blue Seal Original Petroleum Jelly, to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. And for the summer months, we recommend a lighter option.

How Petroleum Jelly and Moisturisers Differ

What Is A Moisturiser?

A moisturiser is a skincare product used to protect, moisturise, and lubricate your skin. Good moisturisers contain different types of ingredients such as humectants like glycerine, emollients like shea butter, and occlusives like petroleum.

What Is Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly is made from a blend of natural waxes and mineral oils. People often refer in general to petroleum jelly as “Vaseline®”, but the real Vaseline® petroleum jelly is different. The real Vaseline® petroleum jelly is triple purified to remove impurities. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

What Does Petroleum Jelly Do For Your Skin?

You can use petroleum jelly for many reasons. Vaseline® takes care of existing skin problems and helps to prevent possible skin issues. Moms love it for baby’s skin care as it can be used to prevent a nappy rash.

If you have minor burns or skin scrapes you can use Vaseline to get a soothing effect. Once applied to clean dry wounds, Vaseline seals the skin and can helps create the environment for skin needs to restore itself.

You can prevent and treat cracked heels if you regularly put Vaseline® on the skin. Scaly, dry elbows and knees also get softer when you apply petroleum jelly on them daily. This is because Vaseline forms a barrier on the skin and prevents water and moisture from leaving.

What Is The Difference Between Petroleum Jelly And A Moisturiser?

Although moisturisers and petroleum jelly are different products, both keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Most moisturisers are water-based. Different types of moisturisers (lotion, cream, gel or serum) and brands have different formulas and ingredients designed to make your skin look healthy. For example, humectants like glycerin draw water into the skin and emollients like lanolin and jojoba oil smooth the skin.

What most moisturisers may not do, however, is create a barrier that protects you skin like Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly does. Now that you can compare petroleum jelly vs moisturisers, which one would you choose?

Can Petroleum Jelly Be Used As A Moisturiser?

Yes, it can! Petroleum jelly is an occlusive moisturiser, meaning that it seals moisture into the skin. Use petroleum jelly on your hands and body, including your face to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. Vaseline® forms a barrier that prevents water from leaving your skin and helps your skin retain its moisture.

If you’re afraid that petroleum jelly will clog your pores, don’t be. Petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic which means that it won’t, in fact, clog your pores.

Trust Vaseline® to help keep your skin healthy and to moisturise your skin day after day.

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