Loving and taking care of the skin you’re in – that’s how you always stay looking vivacious, youthful, and fresh.

But your skin is a living, breathing organ, so its specific care needs will vary from person to person.

Vaseline’s comprehensive range of range of creams and lotions are specially formulated to adapt to specific skin-types, so that no matter your problem areas, we have the right moisturiser for you.

But what’s the difference between body cream and body lotions, and when it comes to body cream vs body lotion, which is right for your skin or the area to which you want to apply it?

Let’s have a look:

Difference Between Body Cream and Body Lotion

What is the difference between body creams and body lotions?

The distinction between creams and lotions often leaves consumers feeling perplexed while choosing a product to suit their skincare needs. However, unraveling their differences boils down to one primary characteristic - viscosity. In simpler terms, the viscosity – or thickness of the moisturiser – is the main defining feature of whether it’s classified as a cream or a lotion.

What are Body Creams?

Creams tend to be a little heavier in consistency, formulated to solve skin problems that are more severe in terms of dryness. Because of that formulation, creams can be very effective on certain parts of the body that are exposed to a lot more in a day – the hands, being the prime example.

Your hands work hard – coming into contact with cleaning products, detergents, harsh soaps, even occupational tasks that require you to work with them every day. Creams, then, provide extra moisture to those hardworking and over-exposed areas like your hands.

Vaseline has a range of creams each offering specific benefits in the moisturising features that they lend to your skin. What’s more, each is designed to last up to 72h, so you won’t have to reapply often.

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What are Body Lotions?

Lotions are lighter. They’re developed with more water content than oil, to even out skin that’s more oily than dry. This makes lotions a more gentle moisturiser, particularly for the face.

Your face is an area that’s often overly exposed to the intense influence of the elements – harsh winds can dry it out, and the sun can cause severe, sometimes irreversible, damage. Lotions are an effective treatment – most are developed with a sun protection factor (SPF) that guards from harmful rays, and all are light enough to not block pores and cause breakouts.

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How much body cream should I use?

The answer to this will depend entirely on your skin-type, the area to which you’re applying, and the problem you’re looking to neutralise.

For areas that are over-exposed, or particularly problematic, you can use as much as you need – Vaseline’s creams and lotions are dermatologically tested and developed to be only gentle on the skin.

For general application, you can follow this quick step-by-step:

  1. Add a dollop about the size of a 2-rand coin to your hand, or the specific area you want treated.
  2. Work it into your hands, or the area in question, in small circular movements, until absorbed.
  3. Repeat all over your body, or to other problem areas.
  4. Reapply as needed.

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