Vaseline Juanita Khumalo

Juanita Khumalo - Fitness and Wellness Speaker, Influencer and Entrepreneur

She recently followed her passion for fitness full-time and aims to help women live a holistically healthy lifestyle. Juanita is a Brand South Africa Fitness Ambassador and Cosmo Health & Wellness Influencer of the Year ’19 winner.

What does healthy skin mean to you?

"With healthy skin we are capable of pushing our physical boundaries to achieving our fitness goals. Healthy skin goes deeper than the surface: it protects you against damage to your muscles, bones and internal organs. It also prevents dehydration by keeping fluids inside of your body. Take care of your skin so that it can keep you active for longer!"

Vaseline Lisa Harrison

Lisa Harrison - Working Mom, Social Media Coordinator and Influencer

Lisa is a Cape Town-based 'younger' mom to a happy, wild and adventurous five-year-old boy, Oliver. Her online content features all things fashion, health, beauty and parenting. If you're adopted, suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), enjoy travelling and appreciate local and sustainable fashion for women and kids, you'll find her social media accounts relatable.

What does healthy skin mean to you?

“Healthy skin means that we can prove to a generation where we are so critical of ourselves that it IS possible to feel beautiful in our own skin."

Vaseline Angelique Fredricks

Angelique Fredericks - Fitness & Lifestyle influencer and Entrepreneur

Angelique started her online career by sharing her journey of fitness and yoga to combat the symptoms she experiences from a chronic illness called fibromyalgia.

She believes that wellness is a fundamental part of having a happy fulfilled life. “It is important for me to share positivity and mindfulness and inspire a healthier lifestyle.”

What does healthy skin mean to you?

“I always want to be the best version of myself and that means self-care has to be of the utmost importance. When you take care of yourself in all regards, you feel like everything is achievable; like you're capable of amazing things. And in truth, we are. We only have this one body, so the skin we are in must be taken care of."

Vaseline Mathapelo Koza

Mathapelo Khoza - Vega Student, Lifestyle Influencer, Fashion Blogger and Budding Philanthropist

Scrolling through her Instagram feed, you’ll fall in love with on Mathapelo’s glowing skin while secretly admiring her outfits. She exudes charisma and is always ready for a picture-perfect moment.

What does healthy skin mean to you?

“Healthy skin is my confidence.if my skin isn’t looking good, I don’t feel good and my confidence level is really low. But if my skin looks good, I feel good.

With healthy skin, we’re capable of incredible things. If great-looking skin can help them achieve their goals, what’s stopping you from reaching yours?"

"What does healthy skin mean to you?"

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