When it comes to healthy skin, there are a few skin care tips that will assist you in treating drying skin, relieving sensitive skin and protecting your skin from sun damage. If you do spend a large amount of time in the sun, be sure to follow these helpful tips from Vaseline:

The importance of Protection & SPF

Sun damage that occurs in your younger years will significantly impact the look and feel of your skin later in life. This can be in the form of an uneven skin tone, dark sunspots, pigmentation, pronounced lines, wrinkles and, worst case scenario, skin cancer.

It is essential to protect your skin when you’re outdoors by using the correct skin products such as a sun block and moisturiser with a significantly high SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Be sure not to miss out on areas like the scalp, ears, back of the neck and under the feet - where the instance of skin cancer is on the rise, mainly because we often forget to protect them with sunscreen. Wearing a hat and covering exposed skin with clothing is also a very good idea and aids in avoiding sunburn.

If you’ve spent time in the sun, it’s important that you visit a dermatologist on an annual basis to have your skin checked and any moles on your body examined. This is called mole-mapping. It’s also advisable to monitor your moles regularly by using the worldwide-acknowledged ABCD checklist:

A- Asymmetry: moles should be symmetrical, even in shape.

B- Border: the edges of the mole should not be blurred or jagged.

C- Colour: normal moles are usually one colour. Any changes in colour or patchy shades can be an indication of melanoma (cancer causing).

D- Diameter: Check to see if a mole increases in size. Anything larger than the eraser on the top of a pencil needs to be checked out by a specialist.

If a mole itches, crusts, reddens or bleeds, see a specialist immediately.

Preventing and Treating Dark Marks

One of the most common side effects of sun damage is uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Using a sun block every day on the face and body can prevent these skin issues. For existing dark marks that are present on the body, try an all-over body moisturiser like Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Body Lotion and Cream. In as little as two weeks, it will help match uneven and discoloured areas to your body’s natural shade. It also helps to protect the skin from any further damage or discolouration with triple sunscreens and Vitamin B3.

For men, the Vaseline MEN face SPF Moisturiser is a great choice. Because men spend a lot of time outdoors and are exposed to the effects of the sun, this moisturiser contains ingredients that diminish dark marks and even the skin tone while protecting it from any further sun damage with an effective SPF 15.

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