Your skin will always endeavour to protect you in a day. But skin conditions like dryness - dehydration occurring due to genetics. Genetics or dry climate, can cause the skin to struggle to stay supple and radiant.

It may need a little bit of extra care.

It’s a good strategy, then, to have an effective lotion on-hand, to apply when things are looking and feeling a little dry.
But what’s the best lotion for dry skin, that will also suit your skin type, and solve your skincare needs? Let’s take a look at few of Vaseline’s specially formulated lotions.

Features of a Good Lotion for Dry Skin

Because of its thinner consistency, and lighter feel after application, the lotion is great for fast relief from dryness and dullness. But when picking a good lotion or moisturiser for dry skin, it’s imperative you also consider a couple of other features – features like its effect on sensitive skin, its sun protection factor, and the ingredients it has that can actually lend beneficial qualities upon application. Let’s run through those here:

1. Skin Type

Everyone’s skin is different when it comes to what ingredients in a lotion it will agree with, and what may likely cause it to become irritated. That’s why, if you have skin that’s sometimes irritated, you should rather go for the neutral formulations – basically, anything engineered for sensitive skin. Try Vaseline Intensive Care™ Advanced Repair Unfragranced Body Lotion – A lotion that provides relief for dry and itchy skin and is suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Sun Protection

Even on days when the clouds are out, or it's grey and rainy, the sun’s rays can still get through. When exposed to UV light, the skin goes into overdrive, producing more and more melanin to protect the skin. This melanin then rushes to the surface and can cause uneven skin-tone and blemishes. The preventative measure is simple, though. Choose a lotion that’s formulated to include a sun protection factor (SPF). Apply daily and often, even if you think the sun can't get to you – it has quite the reach.

Try Vaseline Intensive Care™ Even Tone Body Lotion – for deeply moisturised skin. It’s engineered with vitamin B3 for even toned skin and helps protect the skin with SPF 10 sun protection.

3. Clever Oils and Butters

Mother nature has gifted us with a load of magical ingredients for the skin. And often, when applying products, it just feels right to go the natural way. There are some very smart oils and butters out there that work to soothe the skin and help fend off that pesky dryness. Vaseline’s argan oil and Aloe vera formulations work with nature to help protect your skin.

4. Argan Oil

Made from the kernels of the argan trees native to Morocco, this fantastic oil has many beneficial uses for the human body. When it comes to the skin, though, argan oil has been known to help add vital moisture back and is even believed to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Vaseline Nourishing Argan Oil Body Lotion, then, works to do the same, to help give the skin a smoother look and feel. Try Vaseline Nourishing Argan Oil Body Lotion.

5. Aloe Vera

Borrowed from the succulent of the same name, Aloe vera has been known to be a big help for humans -when applied to the skin, Aloe can be a soothing solution for irritation and dryness. It's wonderful gel, when formulated as part of a Vaseline lotion, can help to restore lost hydration. Reach for Vaseline Intensive Care™ Aloe Soothe Body Lotion. There are a lot of skincare benefits of aloe vera, here are some.

So yes, in your defence against daily skin tribulations, it’s good to have a competent lotion in your armoury. Vaseline lotions know just how to get your skin back to its natural, glowing radiance. Click here to see the full range of moisturising lotions, by Vaseline.

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