We all strive for that soft and supple look when it comes to our skin. To get it, we need a solid skincare regime – one that does a lot to build upon the natural good qualities of our individual skin type, and then enhance from there with gentle care.

That routine must be topped with the all-important moisturiser.

Body lotions and moisturisers work effectively to lock in the specific natural re-hydrating factors in our skin. This helps to maintain its oils and enhance skin repair, to give it that healthy glow we all seek.

But what’s the difference between a moisturiser and a cream, and how long do they lend those hydrating qualities to a given skin type?

Difference Between Moisturisers And Creams

First and foremost, it’s vital that you know your skin type. Dry skin types, for example, will benefit more from a moisturising routine, than oilier types.


What is a moisturiser?

Moisturisers are specially formulated to enhance a skin’s natural hydrating qualities – to effectively put moisture back into the skin, to make it appear healthier and naturally radiant.


What is a cream?

Creams are designed to fulfil a particular skin care need and are usually applied at a specific time to specific areas. For example, anti-aging creams, or eye creams.

Creams then have ingredients that enhance and maintain the natural oils in the skin, to better aid repair.

How Long Do Body Moisturisers And Lotions Last On Skin?

After application, a given moisturiser, or a lotion may have different levels of efficacy when it comes to how long they last on the skin, and how long they continue to add the benefits in hydration or repair they offer.

You don’t really want to be reapplying too often, as this could cause an over-moisturised, sweaty look, or a blockage of pores – effectively undoing all the good work you’ve done in your regime.

Choose a moisturiser or lotion that stipulates a period in which it’ll be doing the best work on your skin.

All of Vaseline’s moisturisers and body lotions have either a 48h or 72h lasting period depending on the product type, and your skin’s condition.

Your skin is precious – a showcase of your overall health and vitality. It’s important to look after it, so that its radiance never fades.

Browse our range of body lotions and moisturisers. There’s something for every skin type.

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