The journey to naturally gorgeous skin should start with an all-natural skin-care regime.

Mother nature isn’t shy to lend us her secrets, and when we listen, there are a number of organic benefits we can enjoy in the dermatological products we use.

Case in point, the discovery of a range of proven benefits that come with two very special natural ingredients: cocoa butter and aloe vera.

At Vaseline, we know skin, and we’ve seen how it reacts when being nourished by these two components in the mix.

But when it comes to cocoa butter vs aloe vera, what exactly can they add to your beauty routine?

Let’s break down their advantages here.

Cocoa Butter vs Aloe Vera Benefits

The features that come with these two individual, natural ingredients all boil down to one thing: chemical-free, effective care for your skin.

What are the benefits of Cocoa Butter?

If you’re wondering if this is the same ‘cocoa’ used to make chocolate, you’d be right. So, now that we have your attention, let's talk about its skin-care benefits.

The main bio-ingredient in cocoa is flavonoids. These are natural compounds that exist in the plant’s bean, that have been proven to be rich with health improvement factors.

Specifically, cocoa butter has been noted by skin-care professionals, to:

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What are the benefits of Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a naturally occurring succulent that stores moisture and complex plant carbohydrates within its fleshy leaves as a gel.

That concoction is rife with antioxidants that treat human skin, and when added to Vaseline’s comprehensive range of creams, lotions, and petroleum jellies, it infuses our products with soothing properties that have been proven to revitalise all skin types.

These are the most notable benefits for the skin, provided by aloe vera:

  • It moisturises the skin
  • It has been known to slow the signs of ageing
  • It calms the angry skin that comes with acne
  • It has natural antibacterial properties that fight a range of skin conditions
  • It’s renowned for soothing sunburns

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Beauty Hacks by Vaseline

Now that you know some of the positive features given by these two natural ingredients, you can start working them into your skin-care routine, to see how they work for you.

What’s more, they’re not only built into some of our premier creams and lotions, but we’ve included them into our range of petroleum jellies, to boot.

So, here are a few great Vaseline petroleum jelly beauty hacks, you can try, to get even more benefit from the wonders of cocoa butter and aloe vera, if you choose.

Make a Gentle Body Scrub

Mix equal parts Vaseline cocoa butter petroleum jelly with sea salt.

Rub the mixture gently all over your body, and rinse. You’ll marvel at the exfoliating power.

Make-Up Remover

Gently massage a small amount of Vaseline cocoa butter petroleum jelly into your eyelids, and then wipe off with a wet cotton pad to remove make-up and prevent eye irritation.

Lip Exfoliator

Apply a coat of Vaseline aloe vera petroleum jelly to your lips. With your toothbrush, gently exfoliate in small circular motions. Making this a staple to your beauty routine will ensure smooth beautiful lips for the foreseeable future.

A Therapeutic Salve

Combine equal parts Vaseline petroleum jelly with aloe vera gel, or simply use Vaseline’s naturally infused aloe vera products, to create a soothing balm for skin that’s damaged, irritated or sunburnt.

Whether it’s creams, lotions, petroleum jelly, or all three, that you use in your routine, you can now do so, and enjoy the natural healing and moisturising power of nature’s finest skin-care products – cocoa butter and aloe vera.

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