How to detox properly

How to Detox Properly

There are a countless number of blogs dedicated to the topic of detoxing. Some of the tips and tricks prove useful, while others are myths with no real value. When it comes to your body, anything less than scientifically proven advice is not worth your time. So let's bust a common myth before we go any further:

Detox Diets Don't Work

Detox diet advocates believe laxatives, vitamin supplements and teas have unique properties that eliminate toxins from your body. But no one ever tells you which toxins these diets remove, or how they get the job done. Want to guess why? Because there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that certain foods can expel toxins from the body.

The truth is that your body is perfectly capable of removing toxins on its own. This process involves your liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs. So the best way to remove toxins is to make sure these organs are in optimal condition. Here's how to do that:

Drink Less Alcohol

There's nothing wrong with low to moderate alcohol consumption. Heavy drinking, on the other hand, can inflame and scar your liver. This severely hampers your liver's ability to filter waste and toxins from your body. According to doctors, the recommended daily alcohol intake is two drinks for men and one for women.

Drink More Water

Urinating and sweating are two of the ways your body expels toxins. Water transports toxins to the appropriate site of expulsion, so make sure you're drinking the recommended eight glasses per day. To lock moisture into your skin, use a tub of petroleum jelly, as this is one of the many uses for Vaseline.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise reduces inflammation (the body's reaction to injuries and infection). While inflammation is vital for fighting infection or healing wounds, too much of it can weaken your body, leaving you vulnerable to illness. Squeeze 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise into your weekly schedule to reduce inflammation and allow your body's detoxing process to run smoothly.

Cut Down on Sugar and Processed Foods

A high-calorie intake is not the only reason you should be worried about junk food. Excessive consumption of sugary and highly processed foods has been linked to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. These diseases interfere with your body’s detoxification process by harming organs such as your liver and kidney. The solution is simple: replace junk food with fruit and vegetables.

The jury may still be out on the efficacy of detox diets, but the same can't be said about the body's natural ability to cleanse. Make sure the organs responsible for detoxing your body aren't working harder than they need to.