Here are a few tips to help your skin look and feel healthy despite seasonal changes.

If you were asked what kind of relationship you have with your skin, would you say it is amazing, complicated, or that there is no relationship at all?

The optimistic answer would be to confidently say that your relationship is going great, but is this really the case for you?

It’s important to bear in mind that one of the first things people notice about you when you’re having a conversation with them is your skin. So why not take the best possible care of it?

Here are a few tips to help your skin look and feel healthy despite seasonal changes.

  1. Use a men’s facewash according to your skin type. During the colder months, your skin is likely to be drier than usual so it’s always advisable to use a moisturiser that heals dry skin after cleansing your face. Exfoliate every week. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation in the face. Ensure you use a good exfoliating face wash weekly but ideally at least twice a week. This is to get rid of sebum build up, especially after having a strenuous workout.
  2. Wear sunscreen at all times. Weather the sun is shining as bright as a diamond or whether it’s covered up by the clouds during winter, you should always wear a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 before you go outside. The sun can cause long term damage and premature ageing."
  3. Limit certain beverage intake…unless it’s water. Drinking beverages such as coffee and alcohol in excess can dehydrate your skin. So, if you aren’t already drinking plenty of water, make sure you start doing so. If you’re having a boy’s night and you’re bound to have more than one drink, make sure to hydrate your skin by drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have. "
  4. Don’t worry, be happy. Being constantly stressed out can have a negative impact on your skin and cause you to experience breakouts and dullness on the skin. If your work schedule, studies, family matters or even your significant other stresses you out, find a way to unwind…healthily. Go for a run, binge watch on a series or enrol in a yoga class to help you de-stress. "

There are many causes for skin breakouts and something as simple as changing your diet or unwinding more often can be of great benefit to you and your skin. Take better care of your skin, and you’ll feel even more confident when talking to others.

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