How to Heal Scars

How to Reduce the Appearance of Scars

At Vaseline, we’re all about embracing the natural beauty and uniqueness of the skin you’re in.

When it comes to scars, we think they’re a part of life. They’re part of the story of your life’s journey, told right there on your body.

So, while most people may be asking, ‘how do you get rid of scars?’. We prefer to answer the question: how should I treat scars? Because we believe that scars are beautiful.

Let’s detail here, two methods for the treatment of scars, that you can try right now – all you need is your favourite Vaseline product, and the willingness to embrace those beautiful scars.

How Should I Treat Scars?

Keep Scars Moisturised with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum jelly is formulated with a patented triple-purification process, leaving it free from impurities. So, if you’ve had a cut or a burn, Vaseline jelly applied to the area will form a protective barrier, thus reducing the appearance of scars.

What’s more, for existing scars, Vaseline jelly provides the moisturisation that promotes the reduction of redness around the scar site.

And for more scar fading power, reach for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Aloe Fresh. It’s infused with the world-renowned skincare properties of Aloe vera.

Moisturise to Keep Scars Healthy, and You Comfortable

Reducing the appearance of scars isn’t a guarantee – it would depend on how deep the affected skin tissue goes. But scars can be nurtured and looked after, so that while they may be with you forever, they stay a healthy part of your overall skin tapestry.

To maintain scar health, reduce dryness, redness and discomfort around the scar site, make sure you moisturise the area every single day. Try Vaseline Blue Seal Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly – in a gentle, circular motion, massage a dab into the area where scarring has occurred. The movement stimulates the skin to start a repair process that may do a lot to help with the appearance of scars, and the Vaseline Jelly forms a protective barrier that keeps the skin hydrated and comfortable around the area of the scar.

So, yes. Scars are a part of who we are – let’s embrace their beauty. Vaseline’s moisturising skincare range, which includes beneficial infusions like Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, will help keep your scars healthy.

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Like we mentioned, stretch marks do tend to fade over time. But they’re simply a part of life, and a natural healing technique employed by the skin, as it works to keep us comfortable and protected. If you want to give your skin a little boost as it repairs itself, try the range of Vaseline products mentioned above. They’ll all help in their own way and set you on the road to markedly healthier skin.

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