Your skin is a beautiful part of you. It’s a part of what makes you who you are.

But, even though it’s strong, and effectively protects the precious cargo within you, every single day, your skin can be vulnerable to some stressors that cause it to lose elasticity – and sometimes, stretch marks can occur, as a result.

Stretch marks happen when skin is stretched rapidly, due to growth – most commonly during puberty when the body can undergo growth spurts, or during pregnancy. The marks appear as thin red or purple lines clustered in specific areas.

Stretch marks are a natural part of life – a way for your body to accommodate rapid growth. There are, however, a number of home remedies and tips to try, to reduce their appearance.

Here are a few:

The Best Treatment for Stretch Marks - Tips to Lessen their Appearance

Use Aloe Vera

For years, aloe vera has been widely renowned for it’s natural healing properties. Introducing it to your skincare regime may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Try Vaseline’s Blue Seal Aloe Fresh petroleum jelly – a healing moisturiser infused with the goodness of aloe vera.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid stimulates the protein collagen – widely know as the best way to help make the skin more plump and healthy looking.

Try Vaseline’s Clinical Care Skin Rescue – it helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and resilience with a combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3.

Firming Lotions

Firming lotions use the power of collagen to help restore the elasticity of the skin – effectively helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Try Vaseline Intensive CareTM Firming Body Lotion – it helps to repair and replenish the skin and improves its elasticity.

Moisturise & Massage

At the end of the day, the age-old methods of simple skin care are the most effective in strengthening the skin, restoring elasticity and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Try Vaseline’s Advanced Repair Fragrance Free Moisturising Body Cream. Use it to massage areas where stretchmarks are prominent. With a gentle, circular motion, work the mosturiser into the skin – the simple act of massage can stimulate skin repair and regrowth, and does a lot to break down the underlying tissue that causes stretchmarks, reducing their appearance.

Like we mentioned, stretch marks do tend to fade over time. But they’re simply a part of life, and a natural healing technique employed by the skin, as it works to keep us comfortable and protected. If you want to give your skin a little boost as it repairs itself, try the range of Vaseline products mentioned above. They’ll all help in their own way and set you on the road to markedly healthier skin.

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