150 years of Vaseline


It's amazing what healthy skin can do

Skin problems are nothing new to humanity. Whether it's dry skin, eczema or itchiness, the skin issues we face today are not much different from the ones faced by previous generations. But regardless of the skin problem faced, a large number of South Africans have turned to one solution: Vaseline.


For the past 150 years, Vaseline has helped South Africans from different walks of life face the world with confidence. Whether it was a tub of petroleum jelly or one of the brand's lotions and creams, Vaseline has been a part of ordinary South Africans' defining moments. From the student who moisturised before their graduation ceremony, to the mother who travelled from a rural village and dressed to the nines to see her child don the cap and gown, Vaseline has always been there for South Africans when it mattered most.


If history has taught us anything...

If history has taught us anything, it's that life is full of uncertainty. Previous generations can attest to the unpredictable ebb and flow of life. But in a world where the only constant is change, it's reassuring to know that some things will always remain the same. Regardless of the countless external factors that sway life in this or that direction, the healing power of Vaseline never changes. The same triple-purified formulation that previous generations trusted with their skin's wellbeing is in your jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly.


Whenever your skin needs the best care, you can count on Vaseline to be there for you. Whether you want to replenish your dry skin, soothe razor bumps or need an exfoliator for your lips, Vaseline has and will continue to be there to fulfil your needs.


The journey of life is one filled with ups and downs; something people from different generations can agree. But journeys have always been less exhausting when you have a travel partner. That travel partner is Vaseline. We have been with you for 150 years, and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Vaseline — always there for you; trusted for 150 years.

Featured Products

Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Hand Cream with Barrier Restore Complex, provides immediate relief for dry hands.

Ageing Skin Rescue Body Lotion is made with intensive moisturisers and hyaluronic acid boosters, to heal intense dryness.

Dark Spot Rescue Hand Cream, with intensive moisturisers and Vitamin B3, reduces appearance of dark spots in 4 weeks.

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