If you neglected to protect your skin from the sun when you were younger, the chances are high that the symptoms of photo ageing will become evident in the form of wrinkles, sunspots, and uneven pigmentation from your thirties onwards. This kind of ageing is referred to as extrinsic ageing and is determined by our environment and lifestyle. Thankfully, how our skins are affected by extrinsic ageing is largely within our control.

Intrinsic ageing refers to how our skin is programmed to age, as a result of our genes. When the skin starts ageing, the epidermis starts to thin. This happens because collagen production slows down, resulting in a loss of elasticity in the skin. Cell turnover decreases; resulting in a dull complexion drier skin because sebum production is greatly reduced.

While typical signs of ageing like wrinkles and sagging cannot be avoided, caring for your skin with the best skin care products can help to reduce them. A good quality face cream will hydrate the skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles. Protecting your skin from the sun by using a sunscreen on a daily basis will also reduce any further damage.

What’s important to remember is that it’s not only the skin on the face that’s affected by the ageing process, but the skin on the body too. Dry, dehydrated skin is often the result of ageing, and applying a good body cream or Vaseline lotion every day after your bath or shower is essential for keeping the skin hydrated and supple.

If your skin is very dry, opt for a cream formulation like Vaseline Dry Skin Repair Lotion and Cream. It draws moisture into the top, middle and deep down layers of the skin, which micro droplets of Vaseline Blue Seal lock in, leaving your skin soft, smooth and deeply restored.

Once the ageing process has started, there is little that you can do to stop it. However, Vaseline Firming Body Lotion contains collagen and minerals that will help to replenish the skin with moisture and also helps to restore elasticity, leaving your skin smoother, firmer, and more resilient. This lotion significantly and visibly improves skin firmness in just two weeks.

While a good face cream will protect, plump and nourish the skin, a healthy lifestyle will yield even more benefits! Regular exercise, sufficient sleep, good nutrition and enough water will also give your skin that vital, youthful glow.

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