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Working Towards Health with Vaseline

For more than 140 years Vaseline has been dedicated to healthier skin around the world.

We are constantly working toward growing and improving the quality of health, wellbeing and general skin health on every continent. And currently, our mission to restore and care for the skin of 5 million people living in difficult conditions by 2020 is under way.

Across the globe Vaseline is putting to work it's partnership with Direct Relief, the international medical aid organisation, to develop Vaseline’s Healing Project and provide dermatological care, medical supplies, Vaseline products and health workers’ training on the frontline of crisis and disaster areas. So that, while other issues are handled by more appropriate organisations, Vaseline can take responsibility for and provide relief to those suffering from what we know best: the health of our skin.

In South Africa, this works translates into long hours at clinics around the country, providing advice and mentorship to a wide array of healthcare workers and community members. All to show and explain Vaseline BLUESEAL’s 101 capabilities, to prove its ability to protect and restore skin, as well as make sure that more serious skin infections are avoided. So that, together, we can prevent as many serious skin conditions as possible.

A shining example of our mission is The Vaseline Healing Project’s work in KZN, Pietermaritzburg and iLembe – providing professional skincare training to nurses. An important project described perfectly by Unilever Beauty Director, Cathalijne Oudijk when she said, “By giving healthcare workers the tools and training to properly diagnose and treat skin problems, we hope to empower the communities they serve to better understand their skin conditions and how best to treat them before they become more serious.”

To see where our most influential work is being done, make sure you see the impact of Vaseline’s healing teams all over the world, by visiting our online aid map. An active asset in our daily work, it tracks and displays exactly where The Vaseline Healing Project is on hand around the world. You can also help us spread the word by sharing our short film which showcases our promise to people all over the world. If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend you do.

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Locks in moisture to treat and prevent chaffed skin from nappy rash.

Protects and locks in moisture to help dry skin heal.

Protects and locks in moisture to help dry skin heal.

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